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President Obama & First Lady Address Bullying in this Facebook Video

A special Facebook message from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama about how preventing bullying is a responsibility we all share.  Go to:

Colorado's Anti-Bullying Bill Up For Hearing This Week

Huffinton Post Reports:  The Colorado House of Representatives is scheduled to review a bill this week that would amend the state's anti-bullying laws to require dress codes that "encourage school pride and unity," and mandate that teachers receive regular lessons in how to deal with bullying. The legislation would also create a cash fund aimed at the problem of bullying and suicides in schools.  House Bill 1254, co-sponsored by Republican Kevin Priola and Democrat Sue Schafer, would also establish new reporting requirements for notifying authorities about bullying incidents, prevent the punishment of students for reporting bullies, and allow schools to share behavior records.  Read full story >>

Female Student Asked to Sign Pact with Bullies

When the name-calling and graffiti, the online bullying and threats became too much, 16-year-old Jessica Boyle was forced to take refuge in the school office. Read the full article

Anti-Bullying Flashmob